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Management & Advisors

Hon. George W. Foresman

George Foresman possesses more than a quartercentury of public and private sector experience, successfully leading large high profile strategic initiatives, start-ups and multi-billion dollar organizations. He continues to provide a range of homeland and national security, energy, health, cyber security and business operations expertise to Fortune 200 and other companies. In 2005, he was nominated by the President and Senate-confirmed as America's first Under Secretary of Preparedness at the Department of Homeland Security and subsequently became its first Under Secretary for National Protection and Programs. As the Department's number three official, he led comprehensive national efforts related to information sharing, infrastructure protection and cyber security. Mr. Foresman served five Governors during 20 years of government service in Virginia, including as a Cabinet member, earning a national reputation for bi-partisanship, innovation and performance management. He is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute and the Virginia Executive Institute.

Fritz Finley

Chief Technology Officer
Fritz Finley started his first software development company at the age of 23. The firm focused on the telecommunications industry and grew to seven people within months of being incorporated. From 2003 until 2011, he was CTO of August Schell Enterprises, an innovative software development and professional services firm, providing private Cloud and enterprise data center automation solutions for the Department of Defense and other government and commercial customers. At the Secure Mountain data center, Fritz is implementing back-end efficiencies by utilizing cutting-edge virtualization and automation technologies to enable robust capabilities while minimizing the complex manual management tasks that often derail true success across an enterprise.

Anderson W. Douthat IV

Andy Douthat is President of Allegheny Construction Inc., a 48 year old road and bridge construction company based in Roanoke, Virginia. Andy has successfully led complex multi-million dollar road, bridge, dam, railroad and utility heavy construction projects for both government and commercial clients. An innovative developer, Andy is responsible for recognizing the Secure Mountain opportunity - originally for its high calcium limestone potential for coal gas desulfurization and subsequently having identified the redundant power and telecommunications features coupled with the unique environmental and security aspects of the site as the basis for creating a state-of-the-art information storage and sharing facility. Mr. Douthat recently completed his maximum term as a lay member to the Virginia State Bar's 8th District Disciplinary Committee and most recently served as Executive Vice President for the Virginia Museum of Transportation. He is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute with a BS in Civil Engineering and holds an MBA from the College of William & Mary.