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The Site

The Secure Mountain site itself encompasses 166 acres above ground, with 900,000 square feet (and 21 million cubic feet) of partitioned subsurface engineered space cut more than 1,200 feet back and protected by more than 200 feet of solid rock cover. Formerly a limestone mine and Civil Defense relocation site, the facility is both dry and maintains a stable temperature of 55 degrees, thus offering cost-effective geothermal cooling capabilities. In addition, a remote section of the facility contains more than 10 million gallons of naturally chilled and constantly refreshed water, another potential source of temperature control. This subterranean space delivers numerous advantages over above-ground data center facilities, including a lower cost of operation, superior data security, and environmental sustainability.

Unique Location

Secure Mountain is optimally located in the mountains of western Virginia, known as one of top "business friendly" states in the country, and is situated within a Federal HUBZone. The data center site is in close proximity to major commercial, government, and financial centers on the East Coast and the Central US, yet is remote enough not to be compromised by a catastrophic event. In addition, numerous existing high capacity data pathways and access to two separate low-cost electricity providers ensure redundancies can be established relatively easily.

Unparalleled Security

Secure Mountain offers a "hardened" facility that is impervious to both physical and electronic penetration and disruption. One point of ingress and egress ensures access to the center can be tightly controlled and monitored. The facility's solid rock cover offers the highest level of protection from the growing threat of external electronic intrusion or theft and disruption or destruction due to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

Why Choose a Highly Secure Site?

Whether the concern is economic conditions, insider threats, geopolitical instabilities, growing sophistication of criminal elements to eavesdrop and steal, or the ongoing presence of threats from natural or man-made disasters, minimizing the risk to your data is a business and compliance imperative.

Redundant and Low Cost Power

The primary power provider is currently upgrading its existing sub-station on site. A secondary feed from a separate power utility is currently located within 1.5 miles of the site, easily providing a redundant power source. Power costs are at most $0.05 per kilowatt hour to the site, well below the current national average.

Going Green

Environmental sustainability is a key feature of our offering. Since the structure has already been carved out of stone, Secure Mountain's data center will require minimal building materials whereas traditional above-ground facilities require tons of steel, concrete and lumber, the production of which creates a large carbon footprint, produces waste, uses energy, and depletes our natural resources.